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I am on this Pro-age movement crusade refreshing to see how people are looking at alternative ways to do aging. I saw the episode about Carmen Bianchi how she weathered the storms that trusted men seem to throw her husband, and dad they undermined her education told her that it was I quote “…A degree from the 1st grade…”. Carmen is 60 plus in age. Yet, she continues to move in her own direction just like an energizer bunny.  This is a must-see documentary   I thought you might like this: https://www.pbs.org/video/reflect-carmen-bianchi-preview.  I think that the people who bash the junior seniors are more afraid of the aging process than the people who are aging. Valuing time is one of the most courageous things that a person aging could do. Eating healthy, exercising for what that means to you honor the body and it will tell you what it wants and needs.  Soul families are so important the met to be family, not the families that happened through DNA osmosis channels. This is where some of our hardest lesson in life can happen, and when the experience is all over we can thank DNA family for the trauma, drama, and extended fuckeries, but you can never get that time back. So the only option is to take it as lessons learned to grow from it, and blaze your own path to everywhere and nowhere all at the same time.  The freedoms that come with this magnitude of greatness that lies ahead of oneself will aid in self-realize, and discover what and where untapped desires mean to you and the rest of the world.  Homo sapiens species were built to last tap into the internal compass navigate the human genius buried inside each and every one of us. ‘…Get out of the valleys and run for the peaks…”. It can make the difference between being Happy?! or Unhappy?!… From my Pro-Age Wellness messenger bag


1 boiled egg

2 crackers @EarthBalance coconut spread with sprinkles of Pumpkin Seeds.  

1 Cup of hot Lemon infused water. 



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