“Woke and Awakening”

Enjoy this exert narrated by me from my first amazon audio e-book “Moon Levee”

Art work by me Elaine Washington Vigne

It is funny how our life just seems to remain the same like my late Mom would say,” …Everything has its own place…”.  So, we go about our daily life with the notion that. I quote: Bob Marley and the Wallers 1977 “…Don’t you worry about a thing cause everything little thing gonna be alright…”. Until, one day a switch flips and that onset of an awakening begins, for some it could be a tragedy, or, just licking an ice-cream cone. Nonetheless, it happens that pivotal moment when what you thought was your nirvana just starts crashing down around you, and everything just changes, and you find yourself amidst an excruciating painful awakening. At, one-time Purple was your favorite color, Right? and now green is your favorite color. Right? Do you continue wearing and advocating for the color purple secretly loving the color green?! Or, should you just stand in your own power and truth and love up on the color green, unapologetic-ally?! Guessing that your choice was the second to advocate out loud for the color green…Go Green! All is well with the world. Suddenly, something happens again to an unassuming mine be it tragic? or whimsical? …The chess board of life is set up once again just when the dust settles you find yourself waking up from the last dream that is probably inside another dream. Now, you find yourself once again alone at a crossroad with a dislike for both colors purple and the color green …Who Knew?! That thinking outside of the box constitutes (Woke is a state of mine, and Awakenings are only temporary). Truth be told: The favorite color all the time was and still is PLAID!!!… Case in Point.

In closing, I found my best quote of all times by the legendary Basketball great LeBron James…I quote: “Find you gifts, dig them up, and share them with the world”.

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