“Art and Retirement”



I live in New Orleans born and raised and believe me this town never ceases to amaze me. So yesterday I thought long and hard about the folks in #Florida and the devastations of Hurricane #Michael. Recently, a friend of mine retired after working for the #IRS for some thirty years decided a year ago to build her dream retirement home in Florida. She asked that I ride down with her to do a proper punch list, and close out on the deal. I was honored for that request because I hold this person in high-esteem, for all of her accomplishments. She found her nirvana crunching numbers as an accountant for the government years ago.  Unfortunately, I am not able to contact her because her telephone is just taking messages I knew how excited she was about her dream coming true.  As a result, I found myself losing that zest or zeal for life which is always disturbing to me. I know at that time that I am a product of my childhood environment my dear sweet late mom was a “Worry Wart”. Maturation is changing that for me and I am learning to do something good for myself whenever that old shady cloud decides to hang over me. I try to do something good for myself like walking through the French Quarters while eating an ice-cream cone on a fall day, and enjoy the smell of the breeze from the muddy Mississippi waters as it feather across my face make me feel all ticklish inside it was a day well spent.  After all, I can’t cry over spilled milk just have to wipe it up and K-I-M (Keep It Moving). Feeling sorry for yourself is just non-productive things get stuck in your head, and you become mentally and emotionally incarcerated.  Encounters with not so good people can leave you wounded stalked, stabbed or maybe shot all are traumatic devastations, and many find themselves in situations that fit into one are all of these pockets all in the name of Love when it is not Love at all just pure unadulterated crazy.  If you don’t believe me about the crazies’ just look at the app #tiktoc for about 15 minutes that should get your mind right some serious Fuckery going on with that app.  Enough said about that just when I thought that my day in the French Quarters could not get any better I ran into this renowned Artist by the name Bedonnas on my road to Damascus. She had that spark for life in her eyes she was eager to speak with me about her I quote: the Declarations “…Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness…” I will be the first to admit that sometimes I forget just how important it is to stay the course in life. A beautiful quote from Helen Keller “…I cried because I had no shoes until I met a man who had no feet…”.  Masterclass artist Bedonnas is a beautiful spirit, and a pleasure to speak with so talented and knowledgeable willing to share thoughts, and ideas that are workable plans for the future. It was so refreshing meeting someone so genuine in the sense that she was willing to just put it all out there. Art in motion she carefully lines the fence up with works of art that are indelibly etched into my soul. I could feel the movement of her paintbrush the precision of the lines, and the vibrant colors just jump out onto you from the canvases.  So if you are ever in New Orleans at the Jackson Square Bedonnas is the artist to watch don’t miss the opportunity. She told me her age but I still can’t believe it her world travels is a story within itself. Upon returning home I turned on the television and the @TheTalkCBS   #Everybodytalks segment was about “Age” related about mostly positive comments. The junior seniors and seniors are just recycled teenagers they can be reused and repurposed at any time. Citrus Parabus all things being equal you get upcycled a plethora of possibilities just saying… “Like fire in the belly” Even Aging is an Accomplishment… I quote: Author Gwen Brown “Never Give Up”

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