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Life changes can just creep up on you…

The fear that comes with aging and change is overwhelming, to say the least.  The empty nest syndrome is real being alone is painful, but being lonely is excruciating, for some.  Many people don’t do well with this part of life. Because this is a danger zone the fear of not being along can spiral people into a pattern of attracting toxic relationships. Or, the other side of the coin is some people will stay stuck in quicksand going down with the same people never willing to become adventuresome and venture out to find new and interesting people, places, and things. However, the second that you place your finger on your own pulse is the second you start living. I love singer-songwriter LeAnn Rimes “What I Cannot Change” lyrics released in 2008 “…I will learn to let go what I cannot change…But I will change whatever I can…”  I can apply these lyrics to so many parts of my life even the parts that were stolen,  separated,  and stagnated.  It is not easy shifting through all of the stuff, but if you could muster up the courage it is well worth the hard work. I love this Chapter in author @Gwen_gwennie “Never Give Up”…”The Storm is over now” rising above the flood water stains is uncomfortable, but not impossible.  When things are moving really fast in my life I turn to the comfort of my kitchen cooking food is important because it slows me down a great meal can be ruined with too much salt. The art of Cooking makes me mindful about situations that I would otherwise overlook or marginalize. I watched @DrOz and was introduced to the Keto Diet trends…


Breadless Chicken Meatloaf

Mashed potatoes with bacon bits


Stuffed Baked Apple Cinnamon,  #earthbalance Coconut butter spread, and Dates

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