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The way that I see it an automatic reward system should be put in place for people over 50 on a fixed income. I guess you wonder what I am talking about. The reason why people don’t shop so much on the outer isle in the grocery store because the sting associated with the cost of fruits and vegetables is no fun. Therefore, far more time is spent in the inner store isles where the preservatives, high sugar contents are because the decision just gets easier to take the quick fix route in the inner isles. Let’s face there is a cornucopia of television commercials to help make the bad decisions colorful boxes, one line slogans, and catchy jingles. So here we are just buying the colorful fun-filled boxes of hollow hopes.  It is really easy and just packs on the unwanted pounds. Right?  Especially while watching the horrors on the news which brings about another pack of stressors. Taking in all of the sadness just reaching the arm down into the grab bags, boxes, or buckets makes the sadness go away. Wrong!  It just reinforces classical conditioning.  It is like every time a person gets behind the driving wheel of a car they tend to chew a stick of gum with the passing of time it is almost become impossible to drive a car and concentrate without chewing the gum. So when people are on a fixed income they are faced with the challenge of finding ways to stretch the money to the next month. The reward system that I was referring to in the beginning was a Pro-age Movement (PAM) redeemable Program just an extra $10.00 a month or quarterly like the WIC Program where only fruits and vegetables could be purchased with the $10.00.  People should not be punished foraging in this here America, but be given a hand up as it relates to living a healthier lifestyle, and reducing the high-cost in Health Care…Case in Point!!!    Call To Action


Yellow Bell Pepper Packed with Omega-3 stuffed and baked with breadless chicken

Artichoke, ginger and turmeric sauerkraut on a bed of baby spinach

A slice of Cantaloupe




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