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According to the Webster’s Dictionary, the word {Progress means Movement toward an improved or more developed state, or to a forward position. That can mean several things to several people to some it could mean diet, exercise, communication etc… However as long as one makes a consorted effort to do better that is a positive step in the right direction of progress. Progress is not always that easy because some situations can cause some pains sitting in an uncomfortable position until the breakthrough happens is no fun. The challenge is not to get caught in your head because the battle is not yours alone to handle. Too many times we forget that and we lose out on love, life, and happiness. Recently, I watched an HBO movie that epitomizes the struggles the comes with the progress the movie entitled “The Boy Downstairs” leading characters Zosia Mamet and Matthew Shear the awkwardness between the two leading characters ultimately the transparency and vulnerability to rising above the flood water lines associated with the egotistical fallacies. So let’s put it this way it was a happy ending and it was progress on the real human level.   I stand to be corrected if this does not make sense or ring true, but people are always in so shape fashion or form looking for happiness, and the best way to get that obtainable happiness it to continue to work hard at working at it. The best part of this all is to be able to measure your successes we all have what it takes to accomplish our goals, dreams, and desires. So dive deep and swim the water of Progress come up for air if you have to but just keep swimming “…Let go of the Past so the Past can let go of you…” I’m out on my way to physical therapy Progress in the making and meeting with my business coach Progress bound.


Creme of Asparagus Soup

Crab Rangoons

Baby Spinach Salad


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