Art and Alzheimer’s

I was reading an article about the early stages of Alzheimer’s and I still have some things in reserves about the early stages of the disease. The way that I see it too many people are walking around with sensory overload which would explain some of the systemic symptoms such as Problems coming up with the right word, trouble remembering names when introduced to new people, Challenges performing task in social or work settings, forgetting materials that one has just read, losing or misplacing a valuable object, increasing trouble with planning or organizing.  Some of the ways to recalibrate are to unplug some of the damn technology soothe the mind, body and spirit Simply stated:”…Just give yourself the permission to take a nap…”, if that is a challenge try finding some pressure points you would be surprised what just pressing the index into the center of the opposite hand do it as often as possible when you are away from home, at your office desk, behind the automobile steering wheel, or at a social setting where anxiety might try to enter into your space. If, you are at home “Earthing” walking out into nature without shoes on your feet to block the earth energy does wonders for the body, mind, and spirit add Qigong to stretch the body memory muscles, and undisturbed blood flow all this keeps the brain in tip-top shape.  Learning to feed the brain, and blood is very different from calorie counting because it takes more intuition to gag if the brain and blood are getting proper nourishment from the earth energy, and give yourself permission “…To listen to your heart…”. The brain has to be recharged from all of the everyday gadgets that get plugged into and invade our space even we are asleep. I am not judging “Just Saying” So what is your choice Red Pill? Or, Blue Pill?  Blissful ignorance? Or, blissful enlighten? “…If your favorite color is plaid. Then, you are probably an artist…” So, give yourself permission to write, read, or paint something that the world is missing at this very moment. Hey, If only one person sees that painting then you have an exhibit. Or, like me find yourself an audience by creating one with a challenge just get it out of your head write.

Remember Alzheimer’s is a state of mind, and art is only temporary be inspired feel great!

  • Erase that old built –up tension
  • Forgiveness
  • Shave off the past
  • Don’t let the body cry for water
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