Art and Grief

I guess hearing these two words in the same sentence let alone as a title, but there is a high correlation between the two. When I studied Psychology, I was most intrigued by the philosophies. I am not certain that I can remember who quoted it but it goes something like this “…Knowledge is knowing that a Tomato is a fruit, but wisdom is knowing not to put it into a fruit salad…”. I realize when someone pass away, we go through stages of grief the first being angry How? Could you just up and leave death is Permanent and dealing with the finality of that can shake a person to the core. Unfinished business is the worst because people can be so unkind and knowing that you will never get that apology, or love because it all ended and you are left holding the memories good, bad or the ugly walking the thin line of indifference between love and hate. In one relationship after the other recycle disconnections, disillusion, and disappointments that karmic wheel just keeps going around and around until the lessons are learned. I think the biggest challenge is not to leave planet earth unhappy holding on to regrets in my mind I think that there is a place for regrets a place where people are happy to a certain extent less stress, but they just never seem to get a handle on regrets accumulated in life on earth. On my late mom’s side of the family “The Black Islanos” we wore black attire for thirty days in honor of the dead, and covered mirrors so that the departed souls could safely cross over the River Jordan in nine days, and not get trapped between Heaven and Earth. On my late dad’s side of the family not very much history, but I do know that he had family in the Mother Land as a Merchant Marine he was able to freely travel there and bring home artifacts gifted tor the family call it ”Ancestor Worship ” as the family griot I am being called to tell his story beginning with sharing some of the artifacts brought home to the family in the 1960’s. Meanwhile, it is such a pretty postcard day I am going to hang up my clothes outside to dry the clothes dryer just recycle energy. I just think that the world was a healthier place when people allowed nature to maintain, moisturize and mystify our apparels. “Just saying”

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