Art and Ancient Egypt

To understand the history of Ancient Egypt it is found on the walls and defined sculptures that epitomize what it was like living during those times in history. Nonetheless, it can still be seen and studied today. I don’t know that or even if I believe in the outer space visits, but I am sure that the spirituality of the people or beings was not as diluted as we are today. The sky people some may call it but I believe that during this time the sky was and all of the activities remained the most constant thing so it influenced communication, and the elongated heads. Then, the key question is: Were the unexplained beings fallen angels? For instance, when I wrote my Master’s thesis I found information about these beings blonde hair blue eyes giants that believed in powerful Gods humbly farmed and mated with humans worked the land alongside the Africans.  However, there was no art left behind to represent these mysterious Gaunches beings. Quotes from my thesis as follows:

{The Spanish chronicled native tongues of different cultures not only among the several islands but even on the same island.  For example, Cook (1900) explains that “…The Gaunches were par excellence, farmers…” and “…Showed themselves of remarkable loyalty…” The Spanish conquerors of the Canaries often treated the gentle, peaceful Gaunches in the most barbaric manner. In “…1341 four captives taken to Portugal from Gran Canary were described as “Sufficiently civilized” and less savage than many of the Spaniards…”

By the end of the sixteenth-century two-thirds of the island’s inhabitants still consisted of Gaunches (Parson, 1983). As Flores (2001) explains, “… It was from the Canaries that such tropical crops as sugarcane, bananas, and yams were introduced to the New World along with a plantation system based on irrigation and slavery employing either Africans or Gaunches.” Slavery and the cultivation of sugar cane were introduced to the Americans through the Canaries. Therefore, the Islanders settled in places such as Cuba, Venezuela, Puerto Rico, Paraguay, Santo Domingo, the Philippine islands and other areas throughout the Spanish Empire}. Historically speaking, art interpretations have always been a way of passing down the truth. Whatever that was with so many moving pieces documentations is important and marking the times that we live in. So if an astronaut travel to another planet in outer space suited up that makes him an alien, too?  Behind it all we will not know our own minds until we understand the Universe that we live in. Living in the electrometric field positive and negative ions people become over sensitive and electrometric filed is interpreted as hearing voices complex medical needs Mental illness. The Universe is vast and it is like some many others civilization nature is the most constant. King Tut Akhenaton focused on the importance of the Sun and was not interested in the mysterious Gods, Goddess, and beings. Meanwhile, I will just let my comprehension remain on the level of the movie “Jason and the Argonauts”.

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