Art and Archetype

Art and Archetypes

I have to ask myself why my soul coaching is so deeply rooted in the Ancient Greek Philosophies/mythologies/ideologies.   I am not certain that I could even answer that question honestly, but what I do know is that I have been intrigued with Greek Soul Journeys for quite some time going back to when I purchased the movie “Jason and the Argonauts” and I sat in front of the television and watched that movie for two days. “Helen of Troy” is another movie that I get punch drunk over another Greek Mythology the Trojan horse and a War happened due to Helen of Sparta.  All this being said the power of a woman is something to behold. What is the strongest piece on the Chessboard? Of course, it is the Queen. So then my next question is why do so many women settle for less? I guess that question has been asked over and over through the years, which brings me to twin flams, soul mates, and kindred spirits etc…Sometimes young women open themselves up too early in life to what they think in LOVE. It might be a good thing that you could be his type. Right?, but you may not be his girl!.  This is where I get a little perturbed because nine chances out of 10 he may be settling, too. So this is a puzzle piece that just never seems to find the right location. The fact still remains that whatever he/she is looking for in someone ’s in inside just have to dig really deep through prayer, meditation, fasting etc…The woman just continues putting men on pedestals just take one second to think about Queen Elizabeth of England, and her husband in Price Phillip.  Yet, he is the husband of a Queen not a king, but a Prince, and he was her employee in the palace.  A match made in heaven everybody knew their place did I forget to mention that Queen Elizabeth fired Price Phillip recently, which validates that Prince Phillip was her employee. Do you see where I am going with this? Once a man has had a Queen what can he go back and get? By Cardi B…Well said #LUL Level up Love   Just rambling thoughts

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