“Expressive Art Therapy” Produced by the “Art Privilege”

Emery Blagdon was a very interesting artist he never gave up on his dream to live as an artist. He created an energy field using the electromagnetic field of negative and positive ions to store healing energies which is what art in and of itself epitomizes. To suppress any passion is just wrong. Many artists are forced to bow his or her head to make other people comfortable working a regular 9-5 “…Because you can never make money being an artist…”, and the world misses the opportunity to enjoy those artist interpretations that speak to the soul in ways that are hard to explain. It is not fair to anyone that is not able to freely express his or her passion. How would Emery Blagdon explain his works of art that still remains today in Museums? The way that I see it as Expressive Art Therapy” produced by the “Art privilege” something that cannot fit in just any old box but continue to remain an open-end road so that the next generation of artist and/or artisans can expound on past works of art lasting beauty, brains, and benevolence for generations to come, and collectively heal the planet.







http://Emery Blagdon and His Healing Machine | PBS Programs | PBS http://www.pbs.org/program/emery-blagdon-healing-machine/#.W6wFr-_gLqc.twitter

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