Art and Children in Motion

“…Every Child is an artist. The Problem is how to remain an artist when we grow …” quote by Pablo Picasso. This still hold true to this very day the thought of some artist making a living at creating works of art is paralyzing. Largely due the coined term “Starving Artist” I am more than certain that no one aspire to the call of deliberate starvation.  The artist passion catapults a relentless zest, zeal and tenacity in life that can be admired through the hard and soft lines of broad brushed strokes across a blank canvass. Or the lit operator bravery that fuse materials together to formulate masterful metal fabrications that will stand the test of time.  Or glass blown ash transformed into magnificent striations of happiness.  Or, finely-grained natural rock pounded and shaped vessels into the color of one’s spirit.  There are no mistakes in the right brain activity that chip, crack, peel is character throughout the art piece a sworn semblance that epitomizes the creative soul journey some critics may pontificate interpretations about the art while others will see the work of art for what it truly is. Nonetheless, where there is art there will surely be a conversation around the art,”…Don’t Limit Your Challenges, Challenge your limits…” Growth is the only evidence of life”  John Henry Newman.

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