Art and Ludus

Ludus, or playful love in the Greek text is a light-hearted love between individuals a combination of “Stand in Love” “Rise to Love”, and “Rise in Love”.  Constant flirting, teasing, and laughter is what happens when love is no longer a burden, and/or chore in order for individuals to feel this type of playful Ludus love. The Love must be strong enough to project out into the Universe and feather across the faces of anyone that comes in contact with the Ludusiant by the value of the ancient Greeks. Ludus Love is childlike “Giving of Hands” in Trust to emotional or intellectual energy in motion free of any or all negative vibrations just souls free to walk and run across a lush green field of grass beneath their feet while kissing at the flickering rays of sunlight peeking out through theatrical trees.  To a place in time and space that plucks out the essence of pure animation, and epitomize a playful affection between souls is far reached. Golgotha “place of the skull” where the ego is not welcomed just Loving and being in the present moment. Individuals cloaked in love, passion, and desires spun in a way that blanket souls from the gray dyes of past hurt, pain, and suffering.

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