“Art and Coachella”

Something that an artist cannot be because the artist has to be fearless in order that they bring forth an accurate interpretation. The artist has to be open to criticism because the same people that compliment you are the same people that criticize you. I guess what I am trying to say is that a coward just will not make the cut in the artist industry. If refusing to unwrap the gift box of talent to avoid hurt feelings “shame on you”. It is impossible to please everyone so some just take the low road and hide. The sharks and alligators will always find something to feed on. As an artist it is our job to be true to yourself and not give up on your dreams. A few nights ago, I watched “Coachella” on #Netflix featuring Beyoncé performance of a lifetime, and I feel honored that I would have this great Homecoming experience something that epitomizes art in motion. The body using every muscle the surrender to the air riding the wind was definitely seen in this performance. The undercurrent was so brilliantly etched in my soul was How? Different this world would be if we stayed woke in my opinion “…Separate but equal…” would have been able to play out in the grand scale of this motif the magic, magnificent, and miraculous of a people in a safe place forever and for all times as the Queen waved her magical wand of wonderment. The illusions of what seemed impossible made possible right before our very eyes was definitely something that kept me woke in my own “Homecoming”. Level Up!!!”There is no limit to what you can do if you work hard and dream big”

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