Art and Traditions

Art and Traditions Great Gift Ideas!!!   Traditions can be complicated especially around the holidays. In my mind aggressive generosity calls for creativity to the zenith. Sometimes boundaries can get crossed especially when alcohol is in the picture. Unwarranted liberties taken to blurt out, shout out, and sling not so nice ..Continue Reading

“Art and Thanksgiving”

“Art and Thanksgiving” Look at this great gift idea! On yesterday, I really understood the meaning of Thanksgiving when these words came from my mouth among my friends and family members. What did I do so great in life to deserve these 64 years here on earth? Suddenly, I could hear ..Continue Reading

“Art and Genuineness”

“Art and Genuineness” Look at this Great Gift Idea!                 Genuineness is something the world lacks at this time. The world longs for genuineness it just seems to have fallen off of the wagon, and just run behind the rest ..Continue Reading

“Art and Navigation”

“Art and Navigation”  Count down to Black Friday great gift ideas!!!       An artist first masters the skill of navigation innately. By not really knowing if they could afford and nurture the art of the written and/or spoken words, or the strained peaches of color etched deep in their ..Continue Reading

“Art and Monochrome”

“Art and Monochrome” Look at this nice watch great gift idea!!!   So here it is just sitting in the middle of the neutral ground. I think this work of art is outstanding. I,2,3, dimensions in my mind. Whenever I pass this work of art it just sends shock waves through my ..Continue Reading

“Art and Music”

“Art and Music” Look at this more Disney Jewelry for the holidays!!! Count down to Black Friday Before writing this blog, I decided to listen to some Earth, Wind and Fire “Love Holiday” released 1977, and drink a glass of red wine. The memories of my past working all day and ..Continue Reading

“Art and Wood Turners”

“Art and Wood Turners” Hey, Look at this…Disney Jewelry great gifts for the holidays The art of Wood Turners is very new to me. It is my way of thinking differently whenever I see a wood sculpture from this day forward. I just never really see or even think about the work ..Continue Reading

Art and Lateral Thinking

Art and Lateral Thinking The shift from literal to Lateral Thinking is used quite often in the Arts in order to get a masterpiece completed. It is a great lesson in life oftentimes realized that; we have to sometimes move from side to side in order to move forward. To lower the inward ..Continue Reading

Art and Nowness

Art and Nowness

  Begin with desperation and in that moment learning to think for oneself on a conscious level. Nowness not to get it confused with mindfulness through the eyes of limited manifestations. Nowness is the infinite stairway of enlightenment, and unlimited manifestations. Mindfulness here and then now catapult us into untapped ..Continue Reading

Art and Culpability

Art and Culpability

According to the dictionary Culpability is responsibility for a fault or wrong: blame. What come to mind is “…Haste makes Waste…”. Which explains why? so many people remain in their own folly of doing something and/or speaking to quickly and cause a ferocity that result in wasted time, effort, money ..Continue Reading