It changes in one split second like two of the Rolling Stones songs…1974 “Time waits for no one” ,and 1964 “Time is on my side”. Notice the two songs mentioned were exactly one decade apart. The thin line between the two is indifference. “YOU JUST DON’T GIVE A DAMN” Time waits from no one is living a hurried lifestyle always looking for the next great idea to staying at the top of your game of looking and feeling great all the time is just exhausting to say the least countless over the counter purchases “Oil of Olay”, rid yourself of wrinkles, crows feet, anti-aging…, “Grecian Formula”, rid yourself of annoying gray hair, anti-aging, Right? Now, the book store become another best friend the shelves are packed with books to make you both “Look and Feel Better with age”. The race is on…It all just feels so good, but are we winning the Time waits for no one rat race? All of a sudden an Epiphany out of the blue sky you look up and see the “Finish” sign by this time two broken ankle, Scraped knee, sprained wrist later, and all you are able do is just cry because suddenly quickly all those things that use to matter just slips away because you’ve been acting as a wheel, and you were born to be a steering wheel. Once all of that comes into focus the healing can begin. Psalm 19 1″The Heavens declare the glory of God, the skies proclaim the work of his hand. “Declare” and “Proclaim”… Now, Time is on my side, and you can walk not run in your Truest Purpose. ‘Found that gift, dug it out, and sharing it with the World by “Living Ageless”.

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