“Art and Genuineness”


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Genuineness is something the world lacks at this time. The world longs for genuineness it just seems to have fallen off of the wagon, and just run behind the rest of the world. Therefore, the artist stays so true to his work that many rely on the truest interpretations to possibly see the light in the midst of the darkness and bring some order to the chaos. Genuineness is the spice of life and many people are searching for that nirvana. Genuineness are found among the artist community bringing up information from the subconscious, to the unconscious to the conscious is like walking a tight rope purging in that way can leave a person drained, devastated, and dismayed, and not really knowing how that work will be accepted among the masses can grip both shoulders in fear leaving a person distressed. Yet, that artist and/or artisan having the tenacity to go for it all or nothing. Let’s face, it we all would like to be a part of something, clubs, organization, religion etc…But, the uncertainty that comes with creating something that could possibly ruin your name, reputation, or legacy for the rest of your life is terrifying. The artist laughs in the face of that danger in order to create and manipulate a bold statement through words, rhymes, sculptures whatever the medium takes coming into agreement with that materials to create something that is genuine, authentic, and original  at the very least is what the world needs now. “We must become better communicators, and fans of social change”.


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