• It is so important to feed the soul. Especially when there are aches, pains or injuries. A few weeks ago i had an accident the tempered glass on my front storm door exploded and left a shattered glass mess. I was rushed to urgent care after my hand was cut by some of the shattered glass which turned into getting three stitches, but nothing could compare to the amount of blood that escaped that crack in my skin in the seering 103 degree temperatures. However while waiting for my turn to be brought into the back room before my name was called. I spent an inardenmant amount of time looking around the office space for Artwork paintings and sculptures along the walls. It was the only thing that could stop my heart palpitations, and blood pressure from shooting through the roof. I had an epiphany at that crucial time art and healthcare go hand and hand. It epitomizes the contributions, consciousness, and creativity all wrapped up in one. I read a article on @LinkedIn a few weeks back that supports the idea that Art and Healthcare is really a good marriage. I enjoyed reading articles by¬†https://www.linkedin.com/in/reneephillipsartcoach. So, to the Healthcare clinics and/or hospitals keep curating art in the space it truly help the patients.
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