“Art and Monochrome”


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So here it is just sitting in the middle of the neutral ground. I think this work of art is outstanding. I,2,3, dimensions in my mind. Whenever I pass this work of art it just sends shock waves through my body. I can appreciate beauty weather it is man-made or God Made. “Beauty is Beauty”. This art reminds me of people that I have met in my own personal journey that just stand alone. Yet, these individuals make a very big statement and are unforgettable. I think it was Jamie Foxx once called it the “Mist”. It reminds me of a friend that had a visit from an angel? The Story Goes…At a time when two couples were playing cards, and suddenly a kitchen door flew wide open, but there was no wind. She proceeded to walk to the door to close it and there; it was something that was not of this world beautiful floating on air. She soon called her visitor to come see this creator that seemed lost maybe cut from the herd, and for one second lost the way. Everyone stood stunned by the magnificence of this creator. They all stared at this creator as it stared back at them. Who knew? I guess it was some other dimension or some other lifeform. It was as if the clock stopped and it was what the etheric color of Peace would look like a mystery to behold. And just like that the creator disappeared. Maybe it was an apparition? Or, a cosmic being? Nonetheless, it all happened quickly and suddenly it vanished into literally thin air. So, when I see this piece of art so radiant, I feel this slight tingle down my spine that it may not be there the next time that I drive that way. Let me be perfectly clear that the art of Monochrome intrigues me. Not always being able to see the beginning or the end of a line in a painting, or drawing really piques my interest, and I hope to see more art work like this in the future.   Meanwhile, I will continue to refer to this as “Beauty”.

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