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Before writing this blog, I decided to listen to some Earth, Wind and Fire “Love Holiday” released 1977, and drink a glass of red wine. The memories of my past working all day and rushing home to get ready to attend an Earth, Wind and Fire concert that night was everything. Usually, the concerts would be on a Thursday night getting up and going to work the next morning was nothing because the songs from the night before was still dancing around in my head. So, the two-hour ride to the concert was not all that bad, and two more hours back home. The Earth, Wind and Fire energy just filled the air, and the excitement cascaded around the recesses of my mind even in my sleep. My soul remembers the dance and the experience of the frequencies is what really matters because being in the presence of such greatness is just something that cannot be denied. The Earth, Wind and Fire ride in the sky open up so many possibilities in a world that was filled with so many struggles. In that moment of time going into the Land of fantasy where there is no judgement, just freedom in the words, movements, colorism, algorithm, and physics that etched something deep into the soul, and could never be recreated by any other all anyone can do is just drink it all in. ‘’…I’m a Shining Star… No matter who you are…”. As we remember who we are the game changes. “Reasons” won’t Disappear”.




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