“Art and Navigation”



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An artist first masters the skill of navigation innately. By not really knowing if they could afford and nurture the art of the written and/or spoken words, or the strained peaches of color etched deep in their souls, or even the music within them, but decide to forgo the persecution that comes with the decision. To learn as much as they can about the gift before ever even securing payment for the art.

To that end many enroll in academia in classes something like underwater basket weaving, or Keeping up with the Kardashians you get my drift… The fascination of creating something out of nothing supersedes all of the hollow shortcuts.  Settle in humdrum jobs “Gotta Bake the Donuts” “People in the Factory go …” Willie Wonka song to pay the bills, and feed the family the struggle is real. Days melt into weeks, weeks melt into months, and months melt into years. Suddenly, the individual wake up and the game changes. The smell of warm Valdez fills the air. The “Stop” signs dissipate, and you let go of the ego that held you bound for many years. Finally, creativity to the rescue from the pool of oblivion. “When a man died in ancient Greece, they asked only one question…; (Did you find your Passion?). I believe that regret is a layer of Happiness. Quote by James Frey {Live and let Live}.



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