“Art and Thanksgiving”


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On yesterday, I really understood the meaning of Thanksgiving when these words came from my mouth among my friends and family members. What did I do so great in life to deserve these 64 years here on earth? Suddenly, I could hear myself, and I was not only able to digest; but truly internalize the very idea of how Blessed I am and will continue to be blessed in my coming and going. Before, I guess I was oblivious to that fact as so many others are just taking people, places, and things for granted. Thanksgiving is not just about the food. I am so much better about showing gratitude. As a result, after speaking those words the room was moved with heartfelt emotions. Then, it was time to serve up the food: I was not certain up to that time why? I prepared a Thanksgiving dinner days before Thanksgiving Day for my friends and family members. I cherish the friendship and fellowship that we have formulated and cultivated over the years. It was in that moment in order to really understand Thanksgiving Day; I had to lean into gratitude, gratefulness, and generosity and honor them. We should stop just celebration Thanksgiving on one day a year: but we have to become Thanksgiving in all things we say, do, or think. It is the “Mist” that artist/actor @Jamie Foxx speak about. How? having that “it” factor people just want more of it. When Genuineness is in an individual, they emit a confidence that is undeniable among the masses. When I was younger, I did not know what it was but my ancestors mastered this “Mist” that fills a room a few hiccups here and there, but nonetheless I want more of what that was. So that, I could one day evoke that same spirit.

In closing, My Thanksgiving prayer is to make me over. Proverbs 18:16 “… A man’s gifts makes room for him…”




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