“Art and Wood Turners”


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The art of Wood Turners is very new to me. It is my way of thinking differently whenever I see a wood sculpture from this day forward. I just never really see or even think about the work that go into that beautiful slice of nature. Although, I must admit that the narrative of the old tree is so very clear when it is chopped away and just the stump of the tree is left open and exposed, for all to see the age based on the many striations etched into that tree. For instance, in the south the old oak tree dripping with southern moss are distinct gems for eons. The other day I spoke to a wood turner, and I was intrigued by the process just never really thought about the reshaping of wood, but that all changed at the end of that conversation on the telephone with the wood turner. I am not certain about some things but around the holiday’s mysteries seem to magically unfold, and I just find new and better ways to think about subjects, themes, and matters. Simply stated: “I find it easier to digest incoming information and revelations”. Some might call it enlightenment…









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