Death and Dying


To the many families that are left without that family Matriarch, Patriarch, Mother, Father, etc…due to the pandemic devastations these people did not just go on some vacation. They died and death is permanent there is no coming back from death. How are families coping with this? Make believe it never happened? Or, just crack some off the cuff jokes about the loss? I think moving on and/or moving forward is first acknowledging that we are still alive and well in some cases. So, we must remain mindful of the families that have suffered those loss members and how? tragic it was…So a few nights ago I decided to watch NBC Council Of dads , for the second time, and it was about grief and the hard decisions that this young widow woman has to make, but those decisions did not come until, acceptance that she and the children were stuck in the past, and they were in denial long enough holding on to a dying business, for the sake of holding on to her late husband memory. Once she faced her fears, she was able to make decisions based on clear logic and reason, for no matter how? Long, she held on to the materials things “Nothing was going to bring her husband back”. The light bulb went off, and she took off the wedding ring, and placed it on a chain around her neck. It was the beginning of, I Quote: “…It was time to stop dying and start living…” 1994 “Shawshank Redemption” featuring Morgan Freeman. A movie about Loyalty and patience. Actor Tim Robbins a bright Accountant in prison for a white-collar crime. He took years but he dug his way out of the confinement of that prison cell 4 walls to freedom night after night for years while other prisoners slept, because he refused to be both mentally and physically incarcerated. Either way imprisonment mentally or physically it is both slow deaths.







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