“Grip and Grins”

So. now that it is even impossible due to #socialdistancing to do the grip and grins? What next? What is my new normal looking like at this time? Earlier today, I talked to a friend from New York, and that was our conversation living unapologetically in the present. Once all of the moral decay, and debris is brushed out of me, us, and the world. How do we take that next step which is the leap of Faith into the next chapter of what we were all called into “Freedom”?!, which brings me to this another friend sent me a scripture on yesterday and it was a confirmation to what I was thinking about being Prepared!!!.

According to, Isiah 43:18-19

(The Lord says, “Forget what happened before. Do not think about the past

Look at the new thing I am going to do. It is already happening. Don’t you see

It? I will make a road in the desert. I will make rivers in the dry land).



The pandemic has changed my own personal landscape, and I more than certain many will remain in the past walking forward while their feet are turned backwards. Truth be told: Being in the present just feels so damn “Good” all the work prayers, meditations, journaling, and earthing. Knowing that we are connected to the Creator and all of the supported abundance. So Euphoric, it is like the wilds of an Olympic gymnast energy something happens, and you hit the ground running while it is hot catapult into an elegant matrix somersault flip, and have a perfect ground landing, and you find yourself alone at a cross road waiting for the dust to settle a clean slate karmic ties severed, truth and justice served. No more confusion! Conflicts! Or, Chaos! Some will choose to remain  same stuck in the quick sand, and others will choose to get their “Happy Back”. If things do not go the way that are expected trust the reroute. It is time to trust your intuition, and follow the Devine Guidance. Stay Prepared!!!…Celebratory time Wish fulfillments, dreams, and evolutions.


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