Hello World!!! Looking for Me? Like I am Looking for You!!!

Let’s face it more people than not are doing something other than they should be in life.  Don’t get me wrong I am not trying to poke holes in anyone’s life just looking for the egress window to open up.  For many, it is perpetual creatively frustrated. In order to bring that right brain activity to the forefront one cannot be fearful, and with so many naysayers out in the world that can be really hard to do.  So you find yourself in a quandary of what to do? Which is why I love and binge watches the television show @theofficenbc  . Who does not know a narcissist like Michael Scott?   Or, I quote: turned up David strange sense of humor “… When someone smiles, all we see is a chimpanzee begging for its life…” It is hard to stay true to yourself with so many moving pieces day in and day out.  So sometimes the pendulum just swings as we continue to perpetrate crimes against our own lives as the authentic life just look on.  Until we figure out how? To bake the cake of our own life that allows us to live the dream, and life realization frosting just sweetens the cake even more.  We hear it over and over “…It all starts with a dream…”, and working hard at working. #ktpotd “Know thy passion own the drive” Ultimately it is your destiny…  A Call to Action #artist

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