Living ageless and Aging

How do you know that you are aging? Is it because people stop talking to you no longer valuing your wisdom or worth? Sometimes the aging process begins to leave parts of themselves behind the blessings, miracles, and even the tragedies. One day melt into the next romancing the idea that there is nothing to look forward to in life…I don’t see that Because we are the miracles of the Universe.  So, leaning into the aging process is just like leaning into childhood, adolescence change it is like outgrowing a pair of shoes just get a bigger size. I do believe in finding your community people with common threads. It just makes, for good sense to be able to communicate, and commit to those friendship, relationships, and partnerships. Ageless living is frightening to me because it can create some resentment towards the younger populations looking for the fountain of youth. Aging is just recycled teenagers, and that is just another way to look at it, and teenagers are recycled children. As we age we should become more selective in what we invest our time, and energy into studying the Bible and cramming for the finals should be at the top of our list, and preparing to put on another pair of shoes to boldly walk to the throne of Grace what we call eternity or the afterlife.  Honoring yourself for completing the journey in life even the slips, trips and falls all were needed to propel our souls to the ascension of a higher realms, for a job well done. I can recall a few years back when; I was in the throes of making my own funeral arrangements, and final resting place. It was so surreal riding in the little golf cart with the advisor wind blowing across my face, and seeing other people sitting on benches eating lunch while talking with their deceased loved ones brought with it a Peacefulness in my own journey. Hence, living ageless movement was born because I am a Miracle, and everything I do is amazing. I can reach out and touch a butterfly, stick my toe in the ocean, or, hug a tree etc.… But most of all I can continue to shine light, love, and Inspire Hope in the world.     


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