Living ageless and Antibodies

Recently, I watched a documentary that was instrumental in breaking down the invasion of the 1918 Spanish flu Pandemic. The documentary was designed to help the young, and even younger minds to comprehend the magnitude of What? the world is facing at this time. To see How? rapid this invasion can attack the body is frightening. Also, there was an interesting interpretation on the role that the shot play in this invasion and attack on the body. I will admit that taking the shot was challenging because both of them made me really ill for about three days. Really, this pandemic makes you see your own mortality. I have a friend that is an outstanding seamstress, but was being played like a funky piano by friends, and family. A month ago; she had physical issues, from a procedure done on her nose three years ago, due to sinus problems. It flared up and caused her to be hospitalized several times in the last month. She was unable to breath, and she explained to me just how? Frightening it was to have labored and uneven breaths. However, she had time to reevaluate her direction in life, and I could hear it in her voice since the trauma; she sounds so different very focused in her thoughts, and releasing people and/or situations that is or was causing her grief.  I am really happy that she is doing better, and went fishing on yesterday. However, I thought about the importance of having a courageous heart to be comfortable in midst of others discomforts, a sign of no more people pleasing, which is transformations in motion. Courageous self-love is a way to become your own antibodies to resist infections, due to excess baggage directly related to people, situations, or even something out-of-control that is not within the scope-of-manifesting in this lifetime. The Courageous heart cultivate a path, for future success resist not avoid.  

Guard your Courageous heart


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