Those damn attachments start out innocent until they are no longer innocent just some kind of abuse. Mental, emotional, financial, narcissistic. The man in Washington D.C. abused the whole United States of America for four years. So, letting go of attachments that is no longer of service should be really easy. The empaths just keep falling into these Correction project traps. The empaths just addictively give and give jumping into the suffering rivers saving the whales when all the while it was sharks!!! in the suffering river bring on the agonizing pain.  Fixing the problems of other people… I think Demi Lavoto; 2017 song says it best, “Sorry Not Sorry”

That is what doctors and pills are for to fix people, and their shortcomings. In the last three years; I have had to cut people out of my life standing in my own power and truth. I can only offer Light and strength to the situation because my happiness is absolute freedom from the heavy stuff. That is all Devine ask of us Obedience is far greater than self-sacrifice. As recent as, last week; I had to have a family member committed for mental evaluations. However, it brought back old memories. In another life; I did that, for 30 years with another family members. I just kept giving and giving to that situation one mental hospital after another, and that person is still just slowly melting away every day… It was not my journey. Yet, my ego told me it was my responsibility to fix this person life.  “let go and let God”.

Conversation with Self

Don’t let people drain your empathic abilities.

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