Living Ageless and Beauty

I will be the first to admit that I love documentary and movie binging. So, this weekend I watched a movie that at one time was very controversial featuring Will Smith titled “Collateral Beauty” let me take this in for a minute…I don’t know what my actual fear was of watching this movie when it first came out, but I was blocking myself from watching it, and it was now time to face that fear, and take the risk of possibly loving the moral of the story? I think there was a quote that went something like this “…Shed your skin, and find your life…”. Point taken. Yet, I still was not seeing the big picture of that quote. Peeling back the layers: I was forced to think about what really are some of my skins? People pleasing, setting high expectations, for people to meet? Projects? Or Partnerships? In relationships big mistake trying to fix what I did not break is just wrong … because I should not set high set expectations, for others to meet without knowing the facts of How they were raised? Or, what are their belief systems? Or even, judged their choices in life? Still, I had not found the answers to my questions as; I continue to eat chips and watch the movie actor. Will Smith in the movie loss his daughter, and his life just went dark because he was not able to face what was right in front of his eyes seeing the Collateral Beauty in this tragedy in that moment an internal shift happened in me, and when the dust finally settled, I was able to digest the meaning. Once we resurrect, and pull a Lazarus our courageous heart to love again, only then will we commit to our own “Happiness” “Health”, and we find our new life. Therefore, put an end to trying to suck love from situations, and people that are not able to freely give love, due to their own wounds and/or trauma to avoid dealing with our own abandonment issues is challenging, but not impossible Time, Love, Death were the theme of this movie. As a result, everything else can fall into place as we awaken, and see the light. All of the thick skins of built- up, trumped-up illusions evaporate into thin air, and we receive from Source Collateral Beauty, Bliss, and Blessings.


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