Living ageless and Blame

The blame game is just another way of saying stressing when actually stretching. “Can’t grow until you stretch”.  You should know an ass when you see an ass. So, it is not sexy blaming other people for your own shortcomings. Simply stated: nothing happens that you do not allow… Sometimes people are not aware that they are being in offensive energy because they really are not aware of any personal struggles. Unless, the individual express it to them. Then, it is called growing in boldness necessary, for a means to an end. “Stick a pin in it” once and for all… (LOL). If, a person knows your struggles and still continue to be offensive it is just a stubborn low intelligent braying donkey or mule one more stubborn than the other from the valley of disparity choking and stroking game. The delusion is thinking that mean and surely kickers will change, and become a prudent man or women is totally funny. The soul and the brain oozed out of that head a long time ago all about the ass…just saying… Therefore, they are justified in carrying on infamous EE AW conversations, opinions, and ideas.  Like my late mom use to say, “If, you put a child in a cage with chickens it will come out clucking like chickens”. Learned behaviors perpetuate old patterns, habits and behaviors that keep us in bondage to the wrong people, places, and things. Free will is what can bring an end to addiction to mental, emotion or physical abuse. It is like being caught in a croak er sack while being beat over the head with an aluminum bat, and thrown in the bayou. I like this joke “Don’t let that get By-you” …   

Blame it on the rain

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