is never okay busy doing nothing. Be it breaking every chains of painful past. Or, creating chaos in the present. Nonetheless, we are never just standing still. Either, moving forward or backwards simultaneously take your pick. Don’t get it twisted all in divine timing. Experience the path you carve out for yourself. Sometimes that path can leave you lying flat on your back with egg on your face, or the others side of the coin is that path can lead to abundance in wealth and riches just be bold enough to claim it in Love. The journey is not easy working our way through to salvation, but well worth reaping a plethora of rewards. The courage and bravery to step into that space, and write that new narrative worth giving to the world is a life well spent. It does not matter what age this boldness happens it just need to happen in Heaven and Earth. I quote: The Lord’s Prayer… “Our Father which art in Heaven”. The operative word here is Art Our Father create, and we co-create with the Most High the contraction before the expansion the struggle is real. I have had my share of haters in this life so silly as; I look back never waste time entertaining that foolishness.”Don’t make me come down off of my chariot to chop your head off”. just let bottom feeders walk around in their own poop usually it blows up in their face evil begets evil. Victory is a given once you release yourself from loss, lack, and sadness…The wounded warriors attract wounded warriors. One blood bath after another just fucking up the planet. “If their is good then there is certainly evil”… The necessary evil to balance the world. According to the king James bible: (Mark 14 44-46). Look at the betrayer Judas Iscariot born to what he did betray Jesus for 30 pieces of silver?! He received punishment 10 folds met with becoming a vagabond running aimlessly through the streets, and later found hanged. let’s face it: Sometimes in some friendships/relationship/family/unions “It was well, then it was sick”. On the road to pure Happiness is acknowledging the poison apple, Then, be bold enough to choose Peace, and what that looks like in the present. One of my favorite saying is this song by singer songwriter Carrie Underwood… Listen to the lyrics

The Master Plan

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