Living ageless and Breakthrough

I think my heart is really catching up to my mind. I always thought of breakthrough as something like Universal studios kicking down doors, and breaking through brick walls. Breakthrough are not always that drastic it can be very subtle as quiet as a spider. Planning and strategizing the next moves in life to be the best moves. Self-acceptance is in the midst of it all knowing where? you are, and where? you would like to be is a tug of war that must be won in order to sink your teeth into a conscious filled life free of loss, lack, and sadness all the time table elements orchestrated by the ego. Who knew? That all of my collections of toys, traps, and things would ultimately become personal struggles. What happens when the coveted objects, and artifacts evaporate into thin air? Blame others? Lie down roll over and die? Or, cry? After all, it is the changing of the guards and it is no more straddling the fence.  Decisions must be made in the throes of self-discovery. At one time in my life, it is crazy to think that I would have possibly followed suit with all of the options in my feelings. Why? Because I was identifying with the ego did not know the difference between the ego and the soul journey having a breakthrough. On one hand, the breakthrough of the bruised ego of codependency would have us become a house without a roof just all over the place cracked up into a million pieces busted, disgusted, and drained mentally, emotionally, physically and financially. On the other hand, the breakthrough of the soul would not do either just quiet happily, and independently grow and evolve never shedding a tear, for ending a fake reality manifested through a wounded unhealed heart and mind. Now, I really know why the caged bird sing… by the late Maya Angelou.     

No need trying to keep something that don’t want to be kept…It is only the ego wreaking havoc with the mind and heart…

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