Bump trouble waters

Life is moving at warp speed, and we tend to take so much for granted just thinking that time is on our side.

Give yourself permission to be mindful

Living Ageless and Honor raising awareness about Suicide

Give yourself permission to forgive in 2021

Forgive let go and let God moving on is so important, and sweating the small stuff can destroy your growth.  

Give yourself permission to be more understanding in 2021

Trust the process.

Give yourself permission to have more compassion in 2021

Just by letting go of things that do not serve you, and don’t look back. Glo-Up.

Give yourself permission to be kinder 2021

It is hard at time, but not impossible with difficult people and situations.  


INDEPENDENT … AF Forgiveness, understanding, compassion, kindness… F-u-c-k and L-O-L LOVE OUT LOUD

“No more drama”

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