Living ageless and Change

Historically speaking, with so many turns of events as it relates to the “Baby Boomers” some good, and other not so good from tragic assassinations to landing on the moon, finding other life forms, and everything in-between. Regenerations and restoring humankind Faith are up on us, and some people will be happy, and others will just be cursed all the rest of their days the dry dead “weeping and gnashing of teeth” as stated in the Bible seven times. De-Masking us on the road to Damascus where the changing of the guards happens. The resurrection of the Lazarus in the Masculine energies leaving behind the low vibrations will break them open to the high white light. The already anointed and appointed awakened feminine energies through Faith created in them a clean heart, and a renewed right spirit poised in their thinking, seeing and knowing that these changes are necessary, and that time stands still as we enter into the New Jerusalem Timeline portal. People get ready the train is coming …Don’t need no ticket just get on board. Curtis Mayfield composition song a (1965) single by the “Impressions”. Many of these Diviner souls volunteered to come to this planet, and others came and went into the deepest darkest valleys of disparity of low vibrations of crucifixions to
“Either be or learn the lessons” Or, both from the low vibration dry dead Un-diviners. The last supper was with twelve parts of the brain betrayal, denial, doubt etc… The mirroring of the shadow self is dissolving leaving dry dead Un-diviner souls desperate, destitute, and disheveled all in the Master’s plan of divine timing Divinely guided sacred union with sacred hearts all Faithed and destined to happen. “…Don’t need no baggage (regrets) you just Thank the Lord…”.  To the land of Abundance filled with Milk and Honey.

Cooling Waters

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