Living ageless and Comfort

Is it comfort? Or, Convergence? Or, Complacency? My guess it is all of the above a continuum of one in the same. It is not until we step out what is perceived comfort zone, we are not able to experience the rainbow magic inside. As, we get to write our own story standing in our own power and truth gaining wisdom along the way to enhance our own lives, and we get to impart that wisdom to the next generation to lighten the load of emotional convergence, and complacency which is so damn exhausting like finding comfort in standing up facing a wall and just licking the wall just because everyone else is doing it a belly full of lead poisoning. True meaning of ride or die. Right? …lol. At best this behavior will get a lot of doctor visits and medical bills. I rather be quietly happy alone than to be in bad company… Presently, I am being forced out of my comfort zone, but having obtained wisdom from my past mistakes being scattered is not an option, just remain laser focused on my end goal of Health and Happiness by closing out past cycles, conditions, and circumstances.  There is no need to be angry with the past mistakes just take notice that I was manifesting from a broken place, and so that is what I accepted, and fought to keep that illusion alive #smh.  It is imperative that we utilized the spiritual currency of value do the hard work to dig your way out of the black hole, and acknowledge the roles that was played in the game of life. Simply stated: we can find comfort in being uncomfortable and just watch the boredom brain narrative as it oozes out of the head. Or, fill those empty brain spaces with some level of excitement, anticipation, and entertainment…Case in point!   

A house without a roof…not an option

I will not be defeated

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