“No Spoken word can be ignored.  Once it is spoken, it exists.”

Molefi Kete Asante

Conference Proposal

So, for many years’ commitment has been my challenge, and it continues to haunt me today. I shudder at the idea of committing to the wrong things in life, which is the stomping grounds for attracting the actual fears. Then, the fears just pile up one mistake upon another mistake. Now, it is time to prove some dumb point that all these messed up mistakes work…Lawd!, which brings me to my Master’s Program in my second year. I had already decided to do a wonderful art exhibit on painting illustrations of “Hats”. Something that I always admired in my culture. Hats are a statement associated with fellowship and worship, and it just made sense. But that was all about to change in a conversation with Dr. Jiang what he said was in a whisper, but it was more like a loud shout an Asian man, and close to his family roots… spoke to me in a very soft voice., “…You are a scholar, and your greatest reward will come from doing your family history and defend your thesis before the board…”. He was so right. Oh…but wait; I was going to have to “Commit.” My heart and soul into this project. Whereas; I already had at home an easel, paint, and brushes… The temptation was right in front of me. However, my conscience got the better of me, and I decided to tell the family history little did; I know soul searching would take so much out of me just to come up with forty-two pages of research. The one year of research felt more like ten years. Besides, doing the research was like Déjà vu, and so darn exhausting. Chronologically speaking, it was like I was brought back in time, and space without my permission. Today, looking back I would not change that experience for the world.     

If, you follow the heart. Then, commitment is automatic…

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