Living ageless and Confessions

Today is June 10, 2021 a solar eclipse is going to happen around 11:30 a.m.  A time when we get to truly write our story with the pressing of this Solar Eclipse reset button sort of speak. Committing to letting go of the past remembering self-love, self-respect, and self-worth are the keys. I see clearly that the decisions that, I am standing in at this time; I made up my mind unconsciously in June of last year, and it is all coming to fruition at this time just blow it and throw it out into the Universe setting good conscious intentions, for your own temple path. Step into the second chance at living a life that was once craved can now become a reality.  The end to struggles and strife in the long hard fake reality of illusions. Standing in your own power and truth speaking to the mountains of what was done to hinder your progress by whom? What? Where?  Is all irrelevant to one’s own growth and evolution. It was all supposed to be in exchange, for a future filled with possibilities, revelations, and epiphanies. It is the sling shot that the boy David used to take down the giant ego that represent our past, hurts, pains, and injustices. Yet, being given the gift to escape, overcome and master all of the fiery darts thrown, healing the achilleas heels, and mending the heartbreaks, as we release the ego of lies, deceit, and degradation remove those albatross from around your necks. Many are called few are chosen (Matthew 22 1-14) …  Those that sluff off the ego will Boldly walk to the throne of Grace of the Most Highest Celebration never having to wear the mask of repeat performances letting it go once and, for all putting heavy burdens down seeing things for what they really are to get to this point it was done to end the life and death cycle create in us a clean heart and renew in us a right spirit. The hardships were not done to us, but done for us because “…we never know how high we are until we are called to rise…” Emily Dickinson. New Earth…New Beginnings…Destined Paths “…Don’t Need no baggage you just get on board…” lyric by Curtis Mayfield (1971).   

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