Living Ageless and Consciously

Getting rid of the past is one of the most challenging things ever. Living in the past is simple just choosing heavy over light, and it is cruel. Instead; of coruscation according to Webster’s dictionary (A sudden display of brilliance, a flashing of light). The transition of walking into the light is the only way that we can equitably meet people where they are without judgement, persecution, or shame.  Of course, a leopard does not change its spots. Some people just continue in the distorted blue prints of past experiences, and never get the chance to live consciously. For instance, study the behaviors of the crab he walks sideways; I guess that is why he is called a “crab” or “crustaceans”.  The crab never quite over stands the importance of walking straight forward, and continues to live literally one foot in and one foot out.  However, the crab is clever in the role of the Eco-chain great escape of extraction of itself including the legs, mouth-parts, eye stalks, and even the lining of the front and back of the digestive tract-from the old shell. A very difficult process that takes hours of precision on the crab part, and if a crab gets stuck in any of these processes “…It will die…”.

In closing, we all have a purpose no matter how big or small we play a role in the matrix, and we write our own narrative. Meanwhile, I will continue dropping the “Hoocha” extracting myself from the shell. “My eyes too wide open to close them now or ever”.

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