Living ageless and Contrition

Living ageless and Contrition Being that I am of the Catholic Faith. I spent every week in the confessional booth laying bare all of my sins. I did not know the importance of owning up to accountability…So; I told petty lies such as: “I lied…I used cuss words…I hit my sister”. None of it was true, but I would buy myself a petty penance. When in actuality; I was both shame and angry with my parents’ decisions to fight, live in government public row housing, the nuns hitting us with pointer sticks, pulling our ponytails, and cutting our bangs if they thought that our hair was in our face. Meanwhile, my fragilities were stacking up, and it would ultimately become self-leaving parts of self behind as the fears continued to stack up, and making it hard to embrace all of myself. Funny, how all that happens so subtly like a thief in the night. I see how? people can develop Borderline Personality Disorder keeping secrets.  “Secrets Kill” any Peace, for it destroys the moral fibers of humanity. The only release can become causing harm to self, by not being able to express properly the source of the self-destructive behaviors. Then, the acting out through obvious skewed perspectives on reality unconsciously shaping what we see, feel, and think. The results, are a wide range of warped motivations, intentions, or flat-affect identified by somber facial expressions.  Maybe lying in the confessional booth before the priest was how? I escaped feeding the hungry ghost of anger towards my parents, and the nuns, and ultimately became  my own Personal “Act of Contrition”. I had to repent and Forgive myself for lying in the presence of the priest, and I knew that the Most high forgave me through Faith of my behavior because; I was only hurting myself by not being honest.


“…Heartily Sorry…”

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