Living ageless and Covertness

Talking about hidden one of my favorite mind games are with breaking up, and rearranging words. So, today I just noticed the world LIVE turned backwards is EVIL what a discovery. How? Did I miss that one word for so long? I guess some things in life are best hidden, stuffed, and tucked away for a reason. Living out loud has its place, but somethings are best hidden to keep it from getting tainted and/or contaminated by erroneous activity before the right time of reveal. Like when I did my first tie dye t-shirt. I did not pull my rubber bands tight enough around the fabric, and the colors were bleeding all over on one another.  Analytical as I am the reversal of LIVE is EVIL, but in my mind, I think that the word evil has a opposite of meaning good…The hidden nugget in all of this is “Live Good”. Life journey to our destiny is a narrative that we are writing through our own thoughts, words, actions, and deeds.  As a result, we have a series of revisions, and rewrites to several drafts as a natural progression. Sometimes we have to trash the original draft and toss it in file thirteen to just go back to the drawing board. Firstly, find the big black chalk board in the sky where we write our own clear and concise mission statement, and slide right into first base with our passion driven purpose.

Batter Up

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