Creativity is such a special topic. In the senior years it is the best attribute ever. No more distraction except the ones that we permit to remain in our space, and trusting the process to create the best outcome for all parties involved. There is very little room for judgments as we step in divinely guided Wisdom. Especially, when people have lived so much life. Unlike a bratty teenager wanting everything done yesterday. The microwave generation just continue popping pop-corn the scent just meets and frantically tickle our olfactory senses, and remain in the space way too long gives you bubble guts after a while. I am not a big fan of microwave popcorn. I love my space of creativity it is my comfort zone, my nirvana to create something no limitations no mistakes. Just raw energy be it a pencil, inks, pastels etc.…It just make sense to escape the chatter in that space of creativity.

The Lord’s Prayer “…Our Father which art in heaven…”. The operative word is art meaning create. The Abundance that comes with knowing that there is a place where the imagination can run wild, and free is so liberating. I can recall when my parents had the upheavals of domestic violence. I would always sit and color in my coloring book, but I could feel the jitters spiking up and down my nervous system. At the point; of just not wanting to see the two people that I loved go at it for hours. It just seems like God was on my side because someone would come to me with a hand out to take me out to this really beautiful field with an array of colorful flowers everywhere, and we would run really fast. Sometimes; I would run and hide in the nearest closet fall asleep after running in the flower fields. It would make me really tired ultimately give me Peace pass all understanding. Just know that creating never grow old. 

“Moving On”




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