Living Ageless and Cycles

So, this morning while doing me time in the bath tub…I just start hysterically laughing about closing jacked up cycles in my life with stuff that no longer serve me, but the funniest thing about all of this is that things that use to bother me just took on some ridiculous circus act as, I was clearing out the trash, and debris from my landfill past before the maggots decide to visit. Crossing this magical colorful bridge leaving behind people, situations, and stuff drowning due to untamed minds in the river of their own doing of emotional sorrow and suffering is healing like my late grandmother use to say, “…Some things just ain’t your business…”. I can see her walking and saying those words on the other side of this bridge of allegiance. Returning home feels great and laughter is truly a medicine unbothered, unburdened, and unstrapped by the ugly parts of myself.  Freeing the heart is a continuum of greatness that many can only dream of let me just take this all in…

In closing, I always hated clowns so why was I adamant to ever attend the life circus filled with clowns, captivity, and appease people with gross cotton candy to eat while being in a uncomfortable space?!

Listening to and grooving with Avery Sunshine “Jump”

Release the emotional body

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