I am more than certain seeing the word defiance in the same sentence with Living Ageless is a shocker. Society associate defiance with being with being a rebellious teenager. A rebel without a cause…We are all recycled teenagers. Right? It is going against the etched imprints on our conscious soul of old distorted patterns, behaviors, and habits. “…Love and Marriage and the little baby carriage…”. So, now that all that has been done to earn some street cred. Society smiles on me and my new found street cred…Ouch! living in the only state ruled by civil laws on the books as a woman you stand to get skewed by the Napoleonic bull shit. However, taking the road least traveled will get you everything. Against all odds a baby strong belief and/or boldness finds a way to stop crawling on the floor with a determined leap to stand on his/her own two feet and take that first step into the rest of their life. Usually, someone or something nearby is cheering them on. The reward comes when that cheerleader is shocked into saying words like, “…I can’t believe how that baby just stood up and start walking…”.  The anticipation and excitement of it all is a big deal to see that baby use defiance to their advantage. It is not at all impossible to break every chain perceived to bind you. I love that movie “Wrinkle in Time” starring Oprah Winfrey the secrets of Sacred Geometry, and that quote: “you won’t feel your feet until you feel the ground beneath them”.  The importance of being grounded and rooted in one’s own independent abundance in wealth and riches is reaching the Pentacle of life the difference between soaring? And sinking?  The great thing about all of this is we have our entire gift of life to get it right…Swoosh!!! Just Do It!!!!.

Talk with Self

I can see clearly tying up loose ends




(The square root of impossible is possible in me…) Great movie great song “Jingle Jangle” starring @Forestwhitaker A Christmas Journey #Netflix

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