Living ageless and Dents

Plastic water bottles and straws fashion accessories…hoop earrings, cuff bracelet, and choker necklace…Fourth of July with the hopes that one day the United States of America will live up to the Declaration of Independence…Meanwhile, I will independently commit to do me.

We get to write our own stories by making dents in the Universe unlike no other. Embracing the tenacity to stand out in a crowd… By calling back your power seeing through the vapors, and residuals of yesterday. I just completed a podcast about leaving behind a legacy of Nobility.  The tides are changing what once was is shrinking with the hands of time. Resurrecting dreams that were once laid to R.I.P due to our own planned or imagined responsibilities many were the direct result of manifesting through our own reckless behaviors, which lead us to become beat down, and burdened into submission laid bare before the golden calf.  The vail of living a punched drunk existence is being lifted no more hiding behind the mask of illusions.  I still remember when; I was talked out of using my left hand because back then people that were left-handed was taught to be of a low intelligence so at five years old, I became ambidextrous, and received my first dose of conformity through persuasion.  I know that my mom met well so, I mastered the first line of the “Lord’s Prayer” “…Our Father which Art in Heaven…”. The operative word in the first line of the “Lord’s Prayer” is ART I became extremely creative with my right-hand coloring and drawing was my go-to, for expressive art therapy, and I was able to cope with the everyday stressors better than the rest of the siblings. So, I see my art as a form of worship and praise to the Most- Highest, and putting my unique dent into the world is my legacy path of legendary proportions.  “Seek and you shall find” Matthew 7:7   

About being Nobel

“Float like a Butterfly Sting like a Bee” Muhammed Ali

Release the heavy fetters of the physical body…

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