Living Ageless and Depression

The days are becoming more and more jaded as people are trying to navigate their way through a state of confusion. One of the tell tale signs is people pitching barbs at one another. Arguments breaking out in grocery store lines, a spike in road rage, drugs and alcohol misuse and/or abuse just to name a few… I don’t know about other people, but voluntary isolation is working for me. It allows me to form a thicker skin when coming in contact with unsavory characters. Being defensive can truly come in handy at times. I can assure you that genuine friendships and/or relationships are thriving in the midst of these perilous times. Lives are changing for the better with those that are willing to acknowledge that somethings are not lining up in his/her life, and are willing to do the work to set things straight be it meditation, fasting, or withdrawals from what does not serve you in life. However, major depression is still a factor in so many people life even before the pandemic. Depression is like being in that bowl of yellow Jello-O calling out for help, and people can see you, but not hear the cries for help! The struggle is real constant state of confusion about every aspect of life. I am by no means perfect, but I am not imperfect, and that is a starting point to evolving because being stubborn will get you nowhere. Holding on to imagined crap just get you stuck in the sunken place of quick sand trying to make things right when nothing is right is just plain old silly in this new timeline of endless possibilities, walking through the doors of value, and self-worth is where the action is. Meeting people where they are in life, and honoring his/her position trying to fix something that you did not break is damn ludicrous.

In closing, “We make plans and the Highest makes decisions”.  My chariot awaits…  

Level Up

A great song from the late musical genius “Prince” When Doves Cry


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