Living ageless and Diplomacy

Setting boundaries in a diplomatic way is healthy, for all parties involved. No more drama in my life. My ships have finally come, and the rainbow of Peace takes me to the other side where my cornucopia of blessings lie. The hustle and bustle of everyday life has taken a toll on so many people mentally and emotionally not to mention the Pandemic, for an added extra layer of stress. Unfortunately, some people have gone beyond intolerable to unbearable. I had to dig deep to find my Zen mode, but it was well worth it to pluck out the ugly parts of me. So that, I could gladly jump on the boat of Peace leaving behind “sucky” people, and situations of my wounded past. Diplomacy is the catalyst for putting the past boredom’s behind, and locking that door with the key of Faith to slowly drink from the cup of forgetfulness of people, and situations that do not serve my highest good. The lessons in life that were learned in the valley were long and arduous, and I embrace what lights the path of my future. Now, my divine lineage is self-love, and my religion is gratitude breaking free from any bondage of feeling like I don’t have a leg to stand on, and tearing down my walls of imprisonments that kept me stuck in the paradigm of dogma, and my birthright of thinking outside of the box. It is time to create the life I crave splash a burst of color on the blank canvas of life smell the colors pigments, see the freedom of various hues of color or shades, and feel the love as you remove your heart from behind your brain to be a co-creator with the creator. All is well with the Universe, for you are a Source energy being shining light and love into the world. Let all of that superficial trash behind, See the beauty in all things weather it is God made or man made.      

Strong foundation

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