Living ageless and Disconnections

The need to feel connected in humans is innate, and at times comes with a price. Especially, when peer pressure to fit in is involved because the wrong influences can encourage a person to negatively change their attitudes, values and behavior, which can become a travesty.  We all have something that has brought us into this life lessons to be taught and/or learned. Before that we are close to pure “Love”, and chose a life path template void of love, and understanding there the lesson of disconnection will be taught by people, places, and situations. These hard life lessons will purify, and return that soul back to the original state of being.  I remember my first time of feeling disconnection. I was in kindergarten, and it was the first day of school. My mom had done this same thing with three other children at the same school. In pecking order, I am the baby with my own challenge of not being able to articulate my words. A real fear of my mom leaving me so after calming me down along with the rest of my classmate’s parents. Then, it happened my mom gave me that final kiss on the forehead, and she was off to the nearest bus stop to ride to work. Well, I don’t know what feather flew up my butt, but I took out running jetted out of the school across the campus to reconnect with my mom at the bus stop. I still don’t know How? I did that but I did, upon my arrival; I could see my mom had been crying, and was very nervous, but when she felt my tiny hand holding hers it was a relief, for both of us as she looked down. We both cried as she asked, …” how did you find me…”? She picked me up, and I laid my head on her shoulder, just so I could smell her breath, and feel her face against mine, I just kept crying, and my mom started singing my favorite song, “…Oh! How I love my little lamb…”. Instead; of saying lamb she would say my name. It was the only thing that made sense to me that day. Beside; I was not the only child to run off that day, it was like a kindergarten school marathon. I never wanted to feel that type of disconnect again. However, I did the total opposite in life, and attracted one discontinued, distorted, disconnected individual, which ultimately left me confused thinking that; I was causing these unfortunate situations, and sorry asses to cast a shadow over my life. Now, as I look back, I can see that this all had to happen, for me to get my happy back along with my purity of Heart free of judgments filled with unconditional Love.

I am stronger and wiser…

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