Living ageless and Disruptions

Why is it that people think that it is a good thing to be disruptive in another person’s life? Is disruptive behavior conscious? Or, Unconscious? I watched the “Genius: Aretha”. Movie on last, and I had no idea the challenges that she had in her family life. Yet, she persevered through it all with limited coping skills at times finding ways to cope with it by numbing or masking the pain out with alcoholism. I can recall back in the 1960’s my late mom and grandparents went to a concert featuring gospel legend Mahalia Jackson, Aretha Franklin, and Aretha’s dad Rev. Franklin. They even purchased an album, here in New Orleans, Louisiana that night. I was fascinated because that was my first time seeing a vinyl record that big because; I had only seen the size 10-inch 78-inch RPM vinyl record. However, I can recall my late grandfather, saying that “…He did not feel that Aretha Franklin was going to continue singing just gospel music because of her dance moves on the stage, and he was not all that impressed by her dad’s sermon…” My late grandfather being a Baptist minister just felt something was off with her dad. After, watching the movie my late grandfather gut feeling was right. The late Reverend Franklin was a disruptive soul, with so many demons’ heavy indulgences drinking, fornicating, and a pedophile Fathered a child with a neighbor twelve-year-old daughter.  He married a virtuous woman. Yet, he continued to serve two masters. He ran his wife off from the family, and the poor woman literally died of a broken heart. Aretha the Queen that she was and will remain persevered and transformed through it all, which is what our life is supposed to do show others love, light, and inspire hope leading by example with our own life. Therefore, it is part of the journey to have people that are stumbling blocks of disruption in our life to make us strong through seeing the lack of self-love, respect, and worth in unsavory characters, which allows transcendence through forgiveness of self the other person, and what was done to each other… by letting go and sacrificing things that we thought we wanted and walking to the things that we really want. Ultimately, we end the birth and death cycle as we walk by Faith not by sight over the past chasms across the “Rainbow Bridge” leaving behind our legacy, and parts of ourselves that will live on forever just like the late legendary icon Aretha Franklin.

Check this out…Disruption and/or stumbling block Jamie Foxx manifested his match…lol 

Breaking Bad

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