Living Ageless and Emotions

When did the negative conscious reel begin to play? Who did that to you? What age did it happen? When did those ugly emotions begin to rear its ugly head in your life? To reshape and refine those negative thoughts and emotions takes a lot of work to stop the tapes from playing over and over. The main reason for downfalls that have destroyed, friendships, relationships, and Situationionalships.  The things that keep so many people from stepping into divinely guided ancient wisdom is what stops so many people from living successful lives. The world was designed in a way that there is so many teachers, preachers, lawyers etc.…, However, many people take the path to please other people, and miss out on the opportunity of being his/her authentic self. Therefore, the drive is not in proper alignment. So, they are met with struggles, strife, and scuffles nothing comes easy. It is clear that the emotions are connected to something that is void of understanding. For instance, the lawyer’s son whom decided that law is his/her field of study “…To make my daddy proud…”. After, years of walking the scholastic halls of learning of some prestigious University, and then just cannot seem to master the bar exam. WTF is really going on? A couple of things is going on. Firstly, not in alignment with your truest purpose, and not living an authentic life. I can assure you if you do something to please someone else that shit is going to blow up in your face every time because you give up more than you get such as: Significance, confidence, and authenticity. Ultimately the world never gets to meet and greet the real you which is such a shame.  

Take off the emotional mask “…I Will Not Be Defeated…”. Sorting through the complexities of the world.

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